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What does mixing mean?

Mixing is the process of putting multiple layers of audio together to make one final track or to musically modify an existing track.

What does mastering mean?

Mastering is the process of taking an audio mix and preparing it for distribution.

How do I deliver my audio files for mixing and/or mastering?

Song materials can be delivered through online upload services (e.g. WeTransfer) and/or on an external hard drive. Besides that, the following criteria applies to the delivered material:

  1. WAV or AIFF in 24-bits;
  2. Export in the original samplerate and bit-depth;
  3. Send along the BPM & key of the song;
  4. An instrumental & regular demo mix;
  5. Send separate tracks and vocal tracks without effects, unless this is the intention (has to be tuned). Also leave vocal chops, unless you’re unsure you can send them dry. Songs with more than 40 multitracks are subject to additional costs;
  6. And a reference song (optional).

Furthermore, always check your material before sending it to avoid confusion, extra time and/or additional costs.

Is it possible to get a full-package deal?

Yes it is. All pricing on packages depends on what has to be done. If you think you’re eligible for a deal, send us an e-mail at

Is it possible to send an audio file?

Sure. Just send us your files via wetransfer or e-mail at

What is the process to get my track mixed and mastered?

If you’d like to get your track mixed and mastered by Mixed by Chopz, you can send your request through our contact form or by mail to We will set a deadline in agreement and you can send your invoice details (name, address and a potential tax number) to Once a payment has been received, Mixed by Chopz will be able to start on your project!