General Terms & Conditions


  1. All mixes and masters are delivered with an a-cappella and instrumental. With the exception of special quotations/deals, unless indicated otherwise.
  2. The turnaround time for a mix is 1,5 to 2 weeks, unless indicated otherwise.
  3. Each mix and master include an amount of 5 revisions.
  4. Once a main mix is approved, the ‘mix lock’ phase is entered. This entails that after this point there’s no longer the option to make changes to the mix without additional costs. This rule is also valid if all revisions haven’t been used up.
  5. Mixed by Chopz offers an urgency service where a track can be delivered within 7 business days. The urgency service is subject to additional costs, these costs vary by the amount of urgency.
  6. Projects are saved up to 3 months, the client has to ask for the back-up and save it appropriately.
  7. All indicated terms and conditions are leading, unless specified otherwise in writing.



  1. All prices are excluding 21% VAT and in Euro’s.
  2. All prices are subject to change by Mixed by Chopz at any time without notice. Changes in prices will be indicated in a timely manner.
  3. All prices for mixing & mastering are per track. Recording hours that are reserved and paid for are valid for the time that has been booked. There is no possibility for a refund for hours that haven’t been during the recording session. Residual recording hours are valid for 1 year, based upon the invoice date, and can be used freely within that year.



  1. Quotations and/or deals are not binding and offered electronically.
  2. Quotations and/or deals are to be accepted in writing or electronically.
  3. Quotations have a validity of 30 days unless indicated otherwise.
  4. In the event that the agreement is dissolved, this ought to be indicated timely.
  5. Agreements cannot be put on hold intermediately for a longer than 6 months. If the agreement comes to a cancellation after this period has been passed, 25% of the amount to be credited will be deducted. After 12 months the right to cancel the project lapses.



  1. Singles and urgency projects are to be paid in advance.
  2. Invoices with 5 or more tracks are eligible to payment in installments.
  3. An additional €25, – of administration costs will be charged for payment in installments.
  4. Recording hours are to be paid in advance in terms of the reservation for the recording room. Recording sessions are subject to 25% of the balance payable if cancelled within 24 hours of the session date.
  5. Invoices have a standard payment term of 7 days, unless indicated otherwise. In case this term hasn’t been met, even after a payment reminder, collection costs will be charged (15% of the balance payable with a minimum of €40, -).
  6. For information in relation to payments the finance department can be contacted at any time through




  1. The remix of a track has the similar price as a regular mix & master.
  2. In the case of productional changes during the mixing process, additional costs will be charged.
  3. Revised/corrected mixes that require a new master will be charged as a regular master.



Song materials can be delivered through online upload services (e.g. WeTransfer) and/or on an external hard drive. Besides that, the following criteria applies to the delivered material:

  1. WAV or AIFF in 24-bits;
  2. Export in the original samplerate and bit-depth;
  3. Send along the BPM & key of the song;
  4. An instrumental & regular demo mix;
  5. Send separate tracks and vocal tracks without effects, unless this is the intention (has to be tuned). Also leave vocal chops, unless you’re unsure you can send them dry. Songs with more than 40 multitracks are subject to additional costs;
  6. And a reference song (optional).

Furthermore, always check your material before sending it to avoid confusion, extra time and/or additional costs.



  1. In case of demonstrable negligence and/or improper use in the studio, the client is liable.
  2. Mixed by Chopz isn’t liable in any way for any loss or damage to property of the client.

*By booking a recording session and/or accepting an quotation or invoice you accept our general terms and conditions. Read our dutch version of our general terms and conditions here.


For any questions or more information about our general terms and conditions, please fill in our contact form.